In their continuing effort to find creative ways to educate and inspire the next generation of makers; the Creativity Shell plans to build a community service center in the Kingwood/Humble Area.

The Creativity Shell is a nonprofit organization that teaches classes such as sewing/textile arts, cooking, building and other creative trades to students in their private studios, libraries, schools, ABA therapy centers, the juvenile justice system as well as shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.  All of their classes are designed to teach children essential life and practical skills.

In 2022, the Creativity Shell would like to continue their growth in Kingwood/Humble area by building the first of its kind, community service center also known as the Creativity Shell Design Center.  The Creativity Shell Design Center will begin as an 18,000 sq+ modular building that will be built from shipping containers. The Design Center will feature a one-of-a-kind Costume Design Center, Creativity Cooks/Creativity Caters cooking and catering classes, Creativity Cuts & Color Children’s Hair Salon, Creativity Grows hydroponics, Creativity S.T.R.E.A.M Bug Media School and more. Students as young as 5 years old can take classes at the Creativity Shell Design Center and children as young as 5 years old will also learn to use the skills learned at the Creativity Shell to give back to the community by participating in philanthropic projects.

In order to make this amazing dream a reality, the organization needs to raise $850,000 by June 14, 2021 so they can accept a huge donation of 3 modular buildings for the Design Center. The organization is asking for donations of any amount from everyone that can help.

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Some of the features the Creativity Shell Design Center will consist of are the following:

Free Mental Health Therapy for Kids – The Creativity Shell wants to build an environment where students can un-wind, relax and create.  In addition to all the amazing classes and programs the Creativity Shell Design Center will offer, the organization is planning on hiring mental health therapists that can work with children suffering from depression, anxiety and more.

Anti-Human Trafficking Zone: To continue their work fighting against human trafficking, the Creativity Shell Design Center will become a designated anti-human trafficking zone. All students enrolled in Creativity Shell programs will be educated about the dangers of human trafficking and all staff members will become certified Anti-Luring advocates.

Costume Design Center/Gallery: The Costume Design Center will be a one stop shop that services the theatrical costume needs of local middle/high schools and community theater programs.  The Creativity Shell Costume Design Center will provide a capable staff of former students that can design, sew, mend and provide any other costume services that small theater programs need.

Participating schools and theatrical programs will have the opportunity to obtain a membership to the Creativity Shell Costume Design Center. Membership will give participating programs access to costume design and production services for multiple productions annually. Having a one stop shop for theatrical needs will be a huge cost savings for local productions.  The Creativity Shell Costume Design Center will also be the first one stop shop costume design center of its kind and a great place for students to learn, work and serve the community.

Cultural Tourism: The Creativity Shell plans to partner with the costume departments from major theatrical and motion picture departments in an effort of borrow costumes from major productions to have on gallery display at the Costume Design Center. The Creativity Shell Design Center will also partner with quilt museums and in International Quilt Association to feature a special quilt gallery with awarding winning quilts on display throughout the year.  The Costume Design Center and Quilt Gallery will be open to tourists and will be a great feature for cultural tourism in the Houston/Kingwood area.

Creativity Cuts & Color – Children’s Hair Salon: Cosmetology was once a thriving program in many high schools around the country.  The Cosmetology industry is growing tremendously in both the commerce industry as well as the fashion, theatrical, film and music industries.  Today, there are only about 15% of high schools in the USA that still offer a cosmetology program and students who opt to enter this industry for a college diploma or degree lack the hands-on experience they need to be successful in this trade.

Creativity Cuts and Color will be a fun salon for kids that will employ recent college graduates a place to work.  Middle School and High School students will also have the ability to take cosmetology classes at the Creativity Cuts and all students can get the opportunity to work in the Cosmetology Department of the Costume Design Center where they will do hair, wigs, makeup and special effects for theatrical productions.

Creative Cookery: Students who wish to take in-person cooking classes can sign up for a class at the Creative Cookery! Students will have access to their own meal kits as well as stove, oven and all other materials and supplies they need to make different meals.

Creativity Caters:  The Commercial Kitchen that will be built in the New Creativity Shell Design Center will offer storage and prep space for foods and groceries for the Creativity Cooks Meal Program.  The Kitchen will be used to teach cooking classes for young students and catering classes for youths with a focus on homeless youths, youths in the juvenile justice system, foster care and on the autism spectrum.

Weddings & Events: The New Creativity Shell Design Center will feature a large ballroom space.  The Creative and artistic ballroom will feature amazing works of art from local students.  This space will be available for special events such as weddings, corporate events, galas and/or workshops.  Students enrolled in the Creativity Caters program will be hired to cater events for the Design Center.

Creativity Grows:  One of the main aspects of Creativity Grows is that it will teach food science to children.  Children will learn to grow fruits and vegetables in different environments such as a greenhouse, hydroponics and creative ways such as on walls or homemade vegetable hangers. Items grown in Creativity Grows will also be used in the Creativity Cooks meal kits, the Creativity Caters program and will also be donated to local food banks and food scarcity programs.  For the Creativity Grows program, there will be a rooftop garden in certain areas of the Creativity Shell Design Center.  Complimentary to the roof-top garden, there will be a large greenhouse as well as outdoor garden at the back of the Creativity Shell Design Center.

Creativity S.T.R.E.A.M Bug: Students enrolled in the Creativity S.T.R.E.A.M Bug will receive a Program that will teach Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math. Creativity S.T.R.E.A.M Bug students will be working on their own magazine that will make them write/research articles, create new designs in engineering, arts and more. Students enrolled in this magazine will also learn the business side of their magazine. They will learn to reach out to advertisers, pay for printing/operation costs and more. Funds they receive from the magazine will help them purchase new equipment, technology costs, programs and more! Students enrolled in this program will be learning essential coding and computer skills while using art as a baseline.

Eco Friendly Building with Clean Energy: To showcase emerging technology in building and energy; the Creativity Shell Design Center will be an eco-friendly building that cause use resources from the land around it to be sustainable, give back to the environment and teach children about the future of the energy and engineering industry. The Design Center will feature solar panels along the roof of the buildings as well as small wind turbines to generate electricity.

The Design Center will also feature art from recycled products, compost from food items as well as other new technologies that can harness electricity and other natural energies.  In the future, the Design Center will have a gym where students can generate electricity to power the building from machines such as treadmills, cycling machines, rock-walls and more.

Students enrolled in the programs at the Creativity Shell Design Center will receive plenty of education on clean energy solutions. Through architecture and design classes, the Creativity Shell plans to teach architecture and interior design classes.

The Creativity Shell is currently in Phase 1 of the Design Center Capital Campaign and needs the help of the community to have this building completed and opened by June 2022!

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Donations/Sponsorship Opportunities:

$50 Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate: Become an Ant- Human Trafficking Advocate. With your donation you will have your name posted on the Anti-Human Trafficking wall at the Creativity Shell Design Center.

$50 Positive Mental Health Advocate: Become a Positive Mental Health Advocate. With your donation you will have your name posted on the Mental Health Advocate wall at the Creativity Shell Design Center.

$100 Creativi-Tree Leaf: The Creativi-Tree is an art installation project that will consist of a ceramic base tree and metallic leaves.  With your donation, you will receive a personalized leaf that will forever be a part of the Creativi-Tree at the entrance of the new Creativity Shell Design Center. 

$250 1-Year Family Membership: A one-year membership you and your family can enjoy special discounts along with free family marketed events that include, movie nights in the Creativity Shell greenhouse garden, free/discounted workshops/events and more.

$500 Family Planter Box (50 boxes available): Each year, the planter boxes at the Creativity Shell can be sponsored by a person/family.  With your donation you and/or your family will be able to customize, paint, and name your very own planter box that will be located in Creativity Shell Garden.

$1,000 Name a Happy Corner: The Creativity Shell Design Center will be a safe space for children.  Happy corners will be used in select locations of the building where students can go to relax, unwind and take a positive mental health break.  Your donation will enable you to add your name and a positive quote or words of encouragement to a plaque that will be hung at a Happy Corner.

$5,000 Sponsor a School/community theater program for the Creativity Shell Costume Design Center: The Creativity Shell Costume Design Center will be a one stop shop that will service the needs of local middle school, high school and community theater programs.  Your donation will give the school of your choice a 1-year membership to the Design Center which they can use to source costumes for up to 5 productions each year.

$10,000 Creativi-Tree Base (1 Available): Fund the Creativi-Tree project. With your donation your name will be permanently placed on the base of the Creativi-Tree located at the entrance of the new Design Center.

$25,000 Name a Container: The Creativity Shell Design Center will be built of shipping containers!  Become a permanent part of the Creativity Shell Design Center with your donation and your name or family name will forever hang on the inside of your container inside the Design Center.